The brain and the gut are intricately connected and the "gut-brain axis" is an exciting area of research. Data demonstrate that this interaction might have an effect on mental health, hunger and weight, digestive and gut disorders, and chronic inflammation. The two organs are in relationship through the vagus nerve and larger nervous system, neurotransmitters, gut microbes, and nutritional components such as probiotics and fiber. But, beware, the headlines don't really tell the whole story!

In this course, students will go beyond the hype to examine evidenced-based relationships between specific nutrients, digestive health and mental wellbeing. Each module is purposefully designed for professionals looking for accessible, comprehensive, and easy to understand knowledge. This bundle contains the Strong Process "Nutrition and Brain Health" and "Nutrition and Gut Health" modules from the Nutrition Fundamentals course.

Why you need this course for your health coaching or fitness practice...

You may not be an expert with a degree in nutrition, but you get questions ALL the time about food and health. This course, based on Dr Pojednic’s award winning Harvard curriculum, is purposefully designed for fitness trainers, coaches, instructors & teachers looking for accessible, comprehensive, and easy to understand knowledge of nutrition fundamentals.

Learn from Dr. Rachele Pojednic

Rachele Pojednic, PhD, EdM, CSCS, FACSM is an AssociateProfessor and Program Director of Exercise Science at Norwich University and a research associate at the Institute of Lifestyle Medicine, Harvard Medical School. Dr Pojednic is an international speaker and recognized Harvard University recipient of the Petra T. Shattuck Excellence in Teaching Award. Dr. Pojednic has been an active member of the fitness industry and cycling community for the past 15 years and is a Lululemon Ambassador, a former Specialized Women's Ambassador as well as an indoor cycling instructor and avid skier. She has been a consultant and writer for several organizations, including Time, Popular Science, Self, Shape, Women's Health, Forbes, Runners World, Boston Magazine, Joy Bauer and the Today Show.


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Nope! You can take this course at your own pace and will have access for 12 months.

Is this course completely online?

Yes. This course is "asynchronous", meaning you will learn on your own time.

Will I receive credits or a certificate?

You will receive a completion certificate after your final module is done.

Can I use this course for Continuing Education Credits?

This course is approved for 2CEU credits for NBHWC coaches and 0.2 CECs from ACE. While we cannot guarantee approval, you can always submit the certificate as proof of completion to your certifying organization.

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